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vision of the visionairy

"May serenity swiftly grace your path,
Embrace safety in its comforting wrath.
Remember, love, to cherish your own soul,
In its warmth, find life's eternal goal.

Love yourself first, a sacred decree,
In its depths, find the key to be free.
Life's symphony beckons, a wondrous dance,
With each step, seize the chance.

Gratitude, a melody sweetly sung,
In its embrace, find peace among.
Self-love, the essence of today's art,
In its embrace, heal every heart.

Ashe, the spirit of harmony we embrace,
In its wisdom, find solace and grace.
Let poetry flow in every word we say,
In its rhythm, find our truth's display.

Where dreams and reality become one.
In its vision, find inspiration's gleam,
A sanctuary where hopes redeem.

So let us weave this tapestry divine,
With love and gratitude, our sacred shrine.
In every moment, let our spirits soar,
For life's abundant blessings we adore."